Lotus Food Services


A pioneer specializing in the import, storage and distribution of temperature sensitive food, Lotus Distribution has established itself as a leading distributor covering most of Indonesia. A Modern 2800 cubic meters warehouse facility, an integrated computer system, and a fleet of refrigerated trucks has allowed us to expand our customer base to other areas of Indonesia. Expansion plans are currently underway to open new distribution centers to further improve our services to the retail and hospitality industry in Indonesia.

Mr. Bill Busch, a pioneer in Indonesia with over 25 years of experience in import, distribution, and marketing of temperature-sensitive food products, manages the Division.


Lotus Food Services was established in 1992 as PMA Food Supplies and a 50% equity was acquired a year later by Lotus Enterprises. The Lotus Food Service management brings more than 50 years of proven food service business experience in Indonesia. Our group is considered one of the pioneers in Indonesia with more than 25 years specializing in the import, storage and distribution of temperature controlled, canned/dry good products and kitchen utensils.

Facilities and Territory

We have a broad distribution network covering Bali, Java, Lombok, Sumbawa & Sulawesi. Our head office is positioned in heart of Bali's busy tourist industry. Our computer systems, fleet of refrigerated trucks and refrigerated containers enable us to provide prompt and efficient delivery service to our customers. Additionally, our Wholesale Center facilitates customer access to a wide range of quality competitive priced products. The company has gained a dominant market share in the industry and its sales turnover has a healthy growth. At its headquarters, the company has built a 560 meter square state-of-the-art cold storage and distribution center, and it is continuously expanding its facilities.

The development plans are to open "Distribution Centers" in major Indonesian cities as well as marketing and distribution of leading food brands.

Customer Base

  • Food Service: hotels, restaurants, clubs
  • Retail: department stores, supermarkets, mini markets, bakeries
  • Wholesale: sub-distributors, traditional markets, food manufacturers
  • Catering Companies: airlines, camp sites, cruise ship supplies

Main Product Line

  • A wide range of imported and selected high quality locally sourced food products:
  • Meat: chilled, frozen and processed: beef, veal, lamb, mutton, small goods
  • Poultry: frozen and processed: chicken, turkey, duckling, game
  • Sea-food: chilled, frozen and processed: assorted species
  • Dairy: chilled & frozen, fresh & UHT: butters, creams, cheeses
  • Fruits & Vegetables: fresh & frozen: extended range of products
  • Frozen Foods: tortillas, juice concentrate, etc
  • Canned and Dry Goods: oils, tree nuts, dried fruit, canned food, condiments, etc
  • Gourmet & General Groceries: Rice, Bakinh Ingredients, Pasta, Coffee, Sauces, Beverages, Nuts, Spices & Herbs, etc.
  • Non-food: kitchen utensils, glassware, hollowware, flatware and essential oil

Gourmet Garage

The Gourmet Garage is the Lotus Distribution showroom for food service and retail customers. It also allows the local community to be able to shop like a chef and enjoy gourmet food in the comfort of their home.

JBay Creamery

In 2001 we bought a small but successful premium ice cream manufacturer and renamed it Lotus Ice Cream. Part of our first phase expansion was to move the operation into a larger laboratory within the Lotus HQ compound in Bali. A modern ice cream manufacturing plant was built at Lotus Enterprises headquarters in Jimbaran, Bali to prepare for a major increase in production.

The company started introducing the Italian style Gelato, an excellent tasting, low fat, low cholesterol, all natural product. Within a couple of years it became the market leader for locally produced premium ice cream acquiring many prestigious hotels and restaurants as clients.

With the aim to expand the market with a better positioning, Lotus Ice Cream was then re-branded as JBay Creamery in 2005 while keeping its tradition in producing premium ice creams.

Lotus Food Services Malaysia


Lotus Food Services Malaysia was established in 2012 as JA Italia Food Products Sdn. Bhd. With a main focus of importing European specialties into Malaysia, the company quickly grew to be one of the main players serving Restaurants and also Supermarkets and Retail. Our current reach covers Peninsular and also Borneo Malaysia:

  • Import and distribution company in Kuala Lumpur: Supplying Restaurants, and Supermarkets/Retail
  • Management of the Gourmet Section at Everise Supermarket in Imago Mall Kota Kinabalu
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