Lotus Hotels and Resorts


Formerly known as Keraton Hotels International, Lotus Hotels and Resorts is a privately held company established in 1982 in Hong Kong and subsequently also registered in Indonesia.

Over the years we have been involved in several hotel development and management projects. The company, either operating under its own name or directly under the name of the owner, has been responsible for several remarkable successes:

  • The upgrading and management of the Tandjung Sari Hotel (1977-1980). Turnover increased by 250%, profits increased by 400%.
  • The development of the Nusa Dua Hotel Complex as World Bank's Management Advisor to the Indonesian Government (1980-1983). Before our arrival there was no investor willing to develop hotels in Nusa Dua - After we carried out a total reorganization of the government company running the project, Nusa Dua become one of the most successful development in the world.
  • The upgrading and management of the Hotel Club Bualu in Nusa Dua (1983 - 1990), highly profitable, with GOP reaching 55% of turnover.
  • The development (as 25% owner) of the now famous Amandari Hotel in Ubud (1990). In this project, we were instrumental in the development of the hotel's concept, lay-out, design and in the organization of the construction.

In 1990 we felt it was time for a change and started what is now named Lotus Enterprises. We sold off all our ownership shares in the various hotel operations to focus on the development and growth of other domains.

However in 1998 we made a comeback into the world of hotels by acquiring a charming beachfront property in Candidasa Bali. There we did a major overhaul and renovation and now run this hotel as Lotus Bungalows. In 2001 we expanded the facility by purchasing a small adjacent property and in 2005 further upgrades of the room with Balinese style open bathroom were completed.

In October 2001, Lotus Enterprises acquired a 30 rooms bungalow style hotel situated just a few miles off the coast of Manado, North Sulawesi. The Gangga Island Resort & Spa is adjacent to the famous Bunaken Marine Park one of the very best diving areas of the world. The resort is actually undergoing a major upgrading and expansion of capacity and facilities with all the 30 bungalows completely rebuilt from ground up in 2010 and other works still in progress.

2006 saw the further expansion of our Hotels Division with the acquisition of Villa Almarik - a 20 room bungalow style hotel located in Gili Terawangan just a few miles off the coast of Lombok. Further upgrading and expansion of the hotel's facilities is in progress with a Padi 5 Star Diving Center completed in 2009, 6 new rooms completed in 2010 and additional rooms to be completed together with other supporting facilities.

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